During the past few years tgcBIOMICS has been an important contributing partner and has worked as an „extended workbench” in client driven experimental projects. Additionally, the outsourcing of work packages to be carried out under particular microbiological or molecular biological standards is becoming a more frequently used service within the life sciences realm.

tgcBIOMICS can carry out time-limited or content defined work packages especially when developmental topics of customers’ special requests require a microbiological or molecular biological facility or expertise in a particular indication field. tgcBIOMICS is a partner of choice for example if the client finds it necessary to complement its own resources with further laboratory resources.

Here are some examples of tgcBIOMICS previously successful outsourcing projects:

  • Qualification of new microbiological IVD Assays
  • Production of native antigens as fermentation means and HPLC purification
  • Method optimization for the purification of recombinant proteins