Our expertise

Under the direction of Dr. von Eichel-Streiber, after tgcBIOMICS was founded, the technological platform was further developed and research about C. difficile topics continued.

Working as a specialized recipient laboratory for clinical and critical samples as well as in conjunction with the production of novel monoclonal antibodies in the European collaborative research project resulted in comprehensive expertise in the realm of indicators/predictors of the C. difficile infection (CDI).

With a modern state-of-the-art laboratory that is structured around molecular and microbiological working methods, tgcBIOMICS qualified team can work easily in the scientific realm of C. difficile. The established wide-ranging variety of methods provide the necessary conditions for the tgcBIOMICS team to conduct challenging experiments for its customers.

Over the past few years an expansive library of samples, toxins and diagnostic tools, which are unique to the world, have come into existence. tgcBIOMICS is unique due to the fact that no other company exists in the world that possesses such comprehensive diagnostic and pharmaceutically relevant resources within this medical realm.

Propagation from clinical specimens, differentiation, ribotyping of C. difficile samples, protein purifications respectively toxin preparations (native or recombinant), development of monoclonal antibodies in the cell laboratory, research about new diagnostic methods to prove the existence of C. difficile, in brief, these all characterize the typical tgcBIOMICS portfolio and correlate to our specialized field.