About tgcBIOMICS

Founded in 1999 by two internationally renown microbiologists, Dr. Christoph von Eichel-Streiber and Dr. Trinad Chakraborty, tgcBIOMICS (tgc=targeted genetic conditioning) focuses on the production of biotechnological components with molecular biological, immunological and microbiological background.

Our company offers a wide range of biotechnological services and products. These include:

  • DNA isolation from varying sources and organisms
  • PCR amplification of target sequences
  • Cloning in a broad range of vectors
  • Construction of synthetic genes (conducted in collaboration with third parties).
  • Order diagnosis of Clostridium difficile

For heterologous proteins (such as bacterial pathogenicity factors, recombinant antibodies, enzymes, etc.) tgcBIOMICS uses E. coli or eukaryotic cell lines as hosts. Additionally, tgcBIOMICS can perform small scale fermentation and optimizes the expression parameters to yield a maximum amount of biologically active polypeptides as well as bacterial cultures up to 30 litres within a short timeframe by using the latest fermentation technology.

tgcBIOMICS specializes in the purification of recombinant (see above) or wild type proteins from different source types by using a broad range of chromatographic methods like ion-exchange chromatography, reversed phase chromatography, gel sieve chromatography or affinity chromatography.

Our eukaryotic cell lab generates customized hybridoma cell lines and produces monoclonal antibodies in 10-200 mg batches that can be further purified by protein G/A and affinity chromatography.

An additional speciality of tgcBIOMICS is the development and distribution of research components for enteropathogenic bacteria with focus on C. difficile. These include highly purified toxins A (TcdA) and B (TcdB) of different strains and ribotypes of C. difficile as well as monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies directed against these proteins. tgcBIOMICS‘ customers can also be provided with specialized and ready-to-use semiquantitative diagnostic ELISA kits, which are used for the dectection of C. difficile GDH (glutamate dehydrogenase), toxin A and/or toxin B or anit-toxin antibodies in blood or stool samples of human or animal origin.

Our ever-expanding range of products now also includes other enteric pathogens such as EHEC / EPEC bacteria (Esp-antigens), Salmonella spp. (SipC antigen), Shigella flexneri (IpaC), Listeria innocua (LLO), Yersinia enterocolitica (Yop antigens) and Bordetella pertussis (pertussis toxin, pertactin, filamentous hemagglutinin).

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