Welcome to tgcBIOMICS!

tgcBIOMICS GmbH offers a broad range of services in the field of biotechnology.

These include DNA isolation from different kind of sources and organisms, PCR amplification of target sequences as well as cloning into a broad range of plasmid vectors.

Construction of synthetic genes could also be done in collaboration with third parties.

When it comes to expression of heterologous proteins (e.g. bacterial pathogenicity factors, recombinant antibodies, enzymes, etc.), we generally use E. coli or eukaryotic cell lines as hosts.

Small scale fermentation and the optimization of expression parameters to yield a maximum amount of biologically active polypeptide we do as well as the cultivation of bacteria up to 30 litres in a very short time using latest fermentation technology.

We are further specialized on the purification of recombinant or wild type proteins from different kind of sources using a broad spectrum of chromatographic methods.

Our eukaryotic cell lab generates customized hybridoma cell lines and produces monoclonal antibodies in 10-200 mg batches, that could be further purified by protein G/A and affinity chromatography.

A speciality of the company is the development and distribution of research components for enteropathogenic bacteria with some focus on Clostridium difficile. Our customers often order our C. difficile specialized diagnostic ELISA kits.

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